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Future Engagements

Please scroll down to see our future events.
Band Ensamble
Tue 27th March - Kingswood Holy Trinity
Sat 31st March - Summerhil Club
Sat 5th May -St. Annes School
Tues 8th May - Summerhill Methodist
Monday 14 May - Quarry Court
Tues 5th June - Kinswood Slavation Army
Sat 16th June - St Barnabas Fete
Sat 23rd June - Dyrham Village Church
Mon 25th June - Warmley Community Cetnre
Sat 30th June - Lonwell Green School Fete
Fri 6th July - ASDA Lonwell Green, NHS 70 yrs
Mon 27th August - Whitchurch Fete
Sat 1st September - Bitton Fete
Sat 8th September - Keynsham Park
Mon 24th September - Upton Inn Harvest
Sun 14th October - St Barnabas Church
Wed 17th October - Oldland Parish Council
Tues 30th October - Kingswood Salvation Army
Fri 2th November - ASDA Longwell Green
Sat 3rd November - St Barnabas Church
Thur 8th November - ASDA Longwell Green
Fri 9th November - ASDA Longwell Green
Sat 17th November - Summerhill Club
Mon 19th November - St Peter's Church Hall
Mon 3rd December - Southmead Hospital
Sat 8th December - The Stoke Singers, Bradley Stoke
Wed 12th December - BAWA Club
Thu 13th December - Probus
Fri 14th December - ASDA Longwell Green
Thurs 20th December - ASDA Longwell Green
Sat 20th April - Summerhill Club
Sat 29th June - Dyrham & Hinton Fete
Sun 28th July - Keynsham Park
Sat 7th September - Bitton Fete
Mon 23rd September - Upton Inn RBL Harvest
Thur 24th October - Pensford Evergreens
Wed 30th October - St Michael's Church Hall
Mon 11th November - ASDA Longwell Green, Remembrance Day
Thurs 12th December - BAWA Club

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